All Day

We suggest visiting -in the morning, noon or evening. Let your senses feel the space, the aromas, the textures of each dish. After all, isn't that the essence of every tasting experience?



There’s a peaceful corner of Halkidiki, where taste and imagination meet every day. A series of culinary creations that perfectly fit every hour of the day is the outcome of their meetings. Essential Food is the gastronomic pair of the Estival Concept.


If simplicity is the ticket to an escape from everyday routine, then comfort food ensures you the best and most comfortable position on the route.


Today Specials

The Place

Opening 8:30am

We could describe the place, its dishes, the exemplary service. But when it comes to food, the experience can hardly go through a few lines -even when we’re talking about the menus.

+30 698 9614294

We Suggest

Morning - Noon - Night

Breakfast & Brunch

We start our day, by preparing yours.

Express Lunch

The taste couldn't miss the party of flavors.

Comfort Food

Ingridients that will remind or make you don't forget Greek Summer.

Essential Drinks

In a place where all the things it provides you, doesn't fill in a simple list.

Wine List

With a wine list where every palette will appreciate for its quality.


Essential Cocktails

Essential Cocktails

With a cocktail list curated by an excellent team. In a place where everything it can offer you does not fit in a simple list.

Opening Hours

Week Days 8:30am – 01:00am
Saturday 8:30am – 01:00am
Sunday 8:30am – 01:00am


Ελλάδα, GR
Χαλκιδική, Παλιούρι

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